Our mission is to bring joy to your life by celebrating the ones you love the most.


Do you feel like each day you blink and your children are getting a little older…changing a little more? Do you love their independence but still want to stop time and catch your breath? Do you know your family is beautiful but wish you could see that when the days get long and tempers flare? 

We feel the same way. We believe God created us to treasure the people around us and celebrate the moments we have with them. We have such a zest for life and believe that every person has a story worth telling. We choose to celebrate love and beauty by creating tangible representations of the love that we see in everyday people.

We believe that YOU need art of your loved ones on the walls of your home.

We know that the art we can create for you will become one of your most treasured possessions.

Did you know on the day you leave our studio with your gorgeous, life-size artwork – on that day, your art with be the least valuable. Because each day afterwards is a day your children get a little older or you change just a little, and life goes on. But that beautiful art on the wall is a classic and timeless reminder of a moment in time. Isn’t it time you celebrated your family?

We create your art in our beautiful, comfortable studio that is waiting for your visit. We work in a classic style that will stand the test of time. Don’t worry, we have a dress code that will guide you onto looking and feeling your very best. After your session, our artists will meticulously work on your portrait until every aspect is perfect. Your art will be treated like the masterpiece it is and when it is finished, it will look just as perfect in any fine art museum as it will look on the walls of your living room.


Contemporary Photography in Hawaii - 2016

Voice Competition - 2016

Marian Butler — Founder, Artist

Marian grew up in Kailua, HI and was homeschooled until she attended college at University of Hawaii. There she achieved her undergraduate degree in American history and her MBA from Shidler College of Business. She went on to a rewarding career in business coaching and consulting.  However, it wasn’t until 2010 that her creative side was finally able to emerge through photography. Her love of fine art started when she was a child and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. It was there that she knew she wanted to create beautiful art of people.

She has been developing her skills both locally and nationally and is excited to create legacy portraits for others. It is her firm belief that the most important piece of art is of the ones you love the most, your family. She also knows that children who grow up surrounded by family pictures feel more confident and connected. Her mission is to make every house a home with family portraits.

In her spare time, Marian enjoys hiking, crossfit, and going to the beach with her three kids and two dogs.

Samantha Black — Director of Operations

Samantha has a background in fine art and education. She wears many hats and is especially skilled at making all clients feel totally comfortable. 

She loves her family and enjoys spending time with her two adorable daughters and hubby.



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