Dancer Portraits


You spend years perfecting your craft and studying to be the finest dancer. You work hard, spend time and money to be the best of the best, and most of all you love every second. Whether it is ballet, hula, jazz, contemporary dance, or any other form of movement you deserve to celebrate all that you have accomplished.  

Don't settle for some snapshots or cell phone pictures captured in a dark room, truly remember everything that you have accomplished at an amazing session cenetred around YOU!

Following your professional dancer photography session with Butler & Badou, you will take home a stunning framed piece of fine art. Each portrait is surrounded with the finest gold frame that has been carefully assembled by our artists in the United States.

Turn your home into a fine art museum with your favorite portraits of your child. We are certain you will pass these down from generation to generation. All of our dance portrait photography sessions take place in our Honolulu, Hawaii studio. For additional information and all questions, please contact us today.