Family Portraits


We believe portraits bring people together. Kids will feel a sense of belonging as they pose with their mothers and fathers, and parents will feel proud, confident, and joyful as they surround their children. 

When you book a family portrait photography session with Butler & Badou in Honolulu, Hawaii, our mission is to replicate your family's authenticity and display it as gorgeous fine art. We love taking portraits of families because being a part of a family is so important. Families will never leave you, and while family members might travel or get married and have children of their own, these individuals, like photographs that never leaves your side, are forever. 

For the perfect family portrait, we thoroughly plan every session down to the smallest detail. In order to authentically capture everyone in your family, we aim to understand them. From there we arrange each shoot, from the poses to the clothing to the lighting. This ensures a timeless portrait photograph that will be passed down for years to come. 

For recommendations on what to wear to your family portrait photography session, refer to our Timeless Artwork. Generally, we advise staying away from clothing trends and, instead, focusing on a classic look. Ladies should have minimal jewelry, preferably pearls or diamonds, as well as manicured nails with a natural polish. Men should have a week-old haircut and clothing that fits well. Clothing for men and women should be dark and jewel tone. 

We also have dedicated experts who assist with frames, finish, and more. All frames are crafted with gold and are finished by hand in the United States. 

Together, we can create fine art that is treasured year after year. Adorn your home with family portraits from our Honolulu, HI studio that will make you smile every time you look at them. Our quality cannot be found anywhere else. 

Our studio is located in Honolulu. Contact us for booking and additional information.