We searched extensively to find the absolutely highest standard of frames and we are pleased to announce that we have succeeded.

Fine art found in museums all over the world have always (and only) been finished with a beautiful frame. Gold is the standard because this color brings out the warmth of skin tone. We uphold this fine tradition by expertly framing each of our art pieces in a perfectly proportioned gold frame. We will show you how to select the frame that best complements your art.
Even more importantly, our Honolulu portrait studio only frames using the best material and gold leafing. Each of our frames is finished by hand in the United States so you know you are receiving the best quality money can buy. Our frames are not cheap "chop-n-join" molding like so many other companies sell. Instead each frame if finished on each corner so that the frame will not pull apart over time. This is the only standard in framing that stands up to the test of time. You will notice this practice on all museum fine art pieces. 

We also offer frame finishes in wood, white, and black.

You wouldn't put old tires on a sports car, would you? Pick the frame that your artwork deserves by selecting our frames.