Pet Portraits


Pets are such important parts of our families, and our lives. Whether you want to include them in your family portrait sessions, or give them a session all to themselves, pets are always welcome.

In order to prepare for a pet portrait session we ask that you get your pet ready, just like you would get yourself ready. If your pet needs grooming, make sure to have that done before you bring them in. Additionally, please bring anything you need to make your pet comfortable.

During each portrait session we will recommend the perfect frame and finish. Afterward, our artists will work hard to prepare the finest portraits for your home.  

Together, we can create fine art that is treasured year after year. Adorn your home with portraits from our Honolulu, HI studio that will make you smile every time you look at them. Our quality cannot be found anywhere else. 

Our studio is located in Honolulu. Contact us for booking and additional information.