The Truth About Portraits


Here at BBP we completely and totally believe that the best decoration for your home is by putting love on your walls in a visual way. We aren’t the only ones who feel this way.

We recently read about the power behind family portraits from Huffington Post. According to a study conducted by Tulane University, a group of fourth graders at a Tennessee school experienced an increase in self-esteem while creating their own portrait scrapbooks. The students took Polaroid portraits of themselves with numerous facial expressions while striking a variety of poses. In the end, each student was able to establish characteristics about their unique personality and better understand where they, as individuals, fit in life. That is what makes a good portrait: natural, raw emotion.

This is also true of family portraits; psychologist David Krauss explains that when a child sees themselves in a photo with other family members, they see themselves as part of a whole unit. This unit is a safe space for them, as family members value and protect each other. Children feel they belong, identifying the fact that they bring uniqueness to their family.  

As far as family portraits are concerned, Krauss believes that, despite living in the digital age where we can snap photos anytime, professional family photos should be displayed throughout one’s home. That is to say that portraits should be displayed on every floor, but where, however, is up to you. In this way, children will see themselves upon the wall and feel “loved and cared for.” They will notice that memories are important in their household. 

What makes a good portrait? Your presence. Are you ready to take family portraits? Book a session at our Honolulu studio today. We offer professional family photos as well as portraits of couples, children, and pets.